Shopify App solution giving store owners the ability to upload large files that Shopify file manager cannot cater for, with the additional digital download and automated email feature.

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Features you love

Asset Size

With a maximum upload limit of 1.5GB per file, we are sure to cover all your asset needs

30+ File Types

From music and video, to images and compressed zip files, we have over 30+ available file types

Digital Downloads

Attach an asset to a product for unique link downloading per order or customer via auto emailing

Auto Emailing

No need to send the customer an email with the file link, AnyAsset does this automatically for you

Download Limits

Want to restrict an asset with a download limit? No problem we allow parent and unique limits

Email Configuration

Style and compose the automatic emails sent to your customer to keep inline with your brand and name


Discover AnyAsset

It couldn’t be any more easy to upload and manage assets within the AnyAsset app. Simply drag and drop the asset in question, sit back and watch the progress bar do its thing. Set a limit, link to the file, or download all from one place.

Your now ready to create some digital downloads ready for your customer to retieve upon completing an order.


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You can upload any asset up to 1.5GB each in file size which then generates a unique link for you to use within your store. AnyAsset currently allows 30+ different file types from images, videos, music, compressed files like ZIP and RAR and more. Each asset you upload can be given a download limit used in the digital download feature.


Digital Downloads

From the assets you’ve uploaded, you can choose to link a specific asset to a specific product so when an order is placed that contains the product, an email containing a unique link is sent automatically to the customer.

AnyAsset allows you to set a limit against an asset to prevent it from being downloaded too many times. You can use the parent limit given to the asset itself, or set a unique limit for the asset specific to the order and unique link that’s generated.

Limit Control
Set a limit against any asset to help control how many times the asset can be downloaded from the digital downloads. Each digital download can use either the parent limit of the asset, or you can override the parent limit with a unique limit for a specific order, customer, or download link.



New orders from your store that contain a product from the digital downloads will be stored and have a unique link generated for it. Each of the products on the order will be given a unique link and each automatically email out to the customer. Within the orders tab you can set a unique limit to restrict the amount of times the asset can be downloaded, or leave it as its parent assets limit. A count of the amount of time the file has been downloaded will also appear against the order line including options to adjust the limit as you see fit.


Email Configuration

When a new order is placed within your store, if that order contains a product/s within the digital downloads, AnyAsset automatically sends that customer an email containing a unique link for downloading the asset.

We give you the tools to adjust the email body, subject, signature, from name, and from email address. This enables you to keep emails consistent with your store and brand.



We strive to offer the very best support for our users directly from the application using the built in support section. Submit a new ticket, check the status of existing tickets, notify us about bugs and new feature requests. All tickets are sent to our in-house support team who will get back to you the same day.

  • 1
    Install the app

    Get the app installed on your Shopify store with the click of a button.

  • 2
    Upload your assets

    Drag and drop your assets into the app to start uploading.

  • 3
    Link auto generated

    Use the link auto generated to link to an asset from within your store.

  • 4
    Create Digital Downloads

    Assign a product with an asset, set some limits, and track who downloads after purchasing.


What our Customers Says


    5 GB Storage
    Digital Downloads
    Download Limits
    Downloaded History
    Custom Email Configuration
    Automatic Downloads Emails
    Standard Support
    30 GB Storage
    Digital Downloads
    Download Limits
    Downloaded History
    Custom Email Configuration
    Automatic Downloads Emails
    Premium Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes you can!
We offer a 5 day free trial when you install the app.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our app runs through the Shopify payment gateway meaning Shopify handles the payment and not us. This is easier to manage and comes from the card associated with your Shopify store.

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by visiting the dashboard section of the app.

Do you have a contract?

No this is a monthly rolling subscription, feel free to cancel at any time.

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