*NEW* Custom digital asset upon customer order feature. Click here for documentation

Using Any Asset couldn’t be any more simple. We have tried to make the interface reflect aspects of Shopify UI to keep consistency and familiarorty when switching between Shopify admin and our app.

Feel free to let us know you’re feedback, thoughts, and improvements and new features and functionality you wish to see within the app.

How To Upload?

Navigate to the Assets section of the app in the top left hand corner. Within this page sits a button in the top right hand corner called 'Upload Asset'. Click this button to open the file uploader panel.

We enable you to simple drag and drop the file onto the box within the upload panel, which will then be hidden whilst the upload process is in place. A progress bar will show you the status of the upload, and when it reaches 100%, the progress bar will be hidden and the uploader panel will reappear for your next upload.

How To Link To A File?

Because there are many places where you may want to use a file, we don’t provide any sections or widgets to allow you to drop these within a page or specific area of your shop. Instead we simply give you a unique link to the uploaded file which you can paste and use however you wish.

Within the assets table, each asset row has an input with a link inside. Simply copy the whole URL within this input for direct access to your file.

File Status

Within the assets table a column name Status will show an Active or Inactive status for each asset. This allows you to toggle the asset status by simply clicking on it, in turn disabelling it from being downloaded via digital downloads.

Even with an asset status of 'inactive', you can still link to the asset manually via the link provided. This status only affect the digital downloads section of the application.

Deleting a File

At the end of each row in the assets table sits a trash can button. Click this to remove the file and complete the popup confirm. Once this is done the file is fully removed from our system and cannot be reversed.

Downloading a File

At the end of each row in the assets table sits a download button. Click this to download the current file.

Single File Uploads

Currently we only allow users to upload one file at a time to help keep bandwidth usage and application speed freely available for all our customers.

Maximum File Size

We only accept files up to 1.5gb in size and below. Please raise a support ticket if you require a custom upload limit.

Supported File Types

We allow a wide array of file types to be uploaded onto the platform. See the list below for all supported file types.

Files Images Videos Audio
pdf png mp4 mpeg
rtf gif mov x-mpeg
doc jpg ogg mp3
docx jpeg 3gp x-mp3
xlsx svg+xml quicktime mpeg3
csv psd x-mpeg3
ppt mpg
potx x-mpg
zip x-mpegaudio

Digital Downloads

This enables you to assign any number of assets against a product in your store. When a new order is placed, we scan this order to check if any of the purchased products exist as a digital download. If so, then we send the customer an email containing a unique link to retirve the file.

Create a Digital Download

First select the product you wish to assign an asset too. Then select the asset and add a limit (see below). Now hit the creare button to add your new digital asset.

Edit a Digital Download

You can only edit the limit of a preset digital download. This can be done by click the pencil edit icon at the end of the items row. If you want to change the asset assigned to the product, simply delete the item and add a new one.

If you need to edit the limit to make it unlimited, simply enter the number 0.

Delete a Digital Download

This is achieved when looking at the digital downloads table, finding the item row in question, and hitting the delete icon at the end. This will prompt you for a confirmation before being removed.


When you create a digital download you can set a limit for the amount of times someone can download the product. For example, if someone purchases a video you may only want them to use the unique link sent to them via email once. But if you assign a user manual to the product, you may wish to allow the customer to use the same unique email link multiple or unlimited amount of times.

Unique Limits

If you needed to extend or decrease a limit for a specific order you can do this by heading to Digital Downloads / Orders. From here you can find the order product in question and set a unique limit for it using the end edit pencil icon button.

If the Unquie Limit is set to 'Parent', this means its taking the limit you set from the main asset limit within Assets. Else it will show a number within a green tag. This is a unique limit that has been set for the product. To clear the limit back to the parent value, simple edit this unique limit to 0.

To create a digital download with an unlimited limit, simply leave the Limit input empty, or set it to 0.


If you decided to use the digital downloads tool, then we allow you the ability to configure some of the email settings.

When a new order is placed which contains a digital download product, we send an email to the customer with a unique link. In the configuration section you can set the below.

Attribute Default
From Email Address This is the email address the customer will see on their digital download email.
From Name This is who the customer sees as the sender of the email.
Subject The subject of the email.
Email Template This is the body of the html email sent to the customer. The link is gernerated seperatly and cannot be added here for security reasons.
Email Signature A footer signature thats used on all digital download emails.

Should any of the above email settings be empty, AnyAsset will revert to the default settings used within the app as showen below.

Attribute Default
From Email Address
From Name
Subject Recent Purchase Download Link
Email Template Hi {{customer_name}},
Please click the below link to download your file associated with the recent purchase of the product {{product_name}}.
Email Signature Thanks for shopping with us.

To insert your store logo into the email body, simply click the 'Tools' menu item and choose 'Source Code'. From here the editor will load into a html editor view where you can place the below code. You can get your current logo from the 'File' section within your shopify store area, or upload your login into the assets area of the app and copy the link.

			    	<img src="YOUR LOGO LINK HERE" width="150">

Custom Variables in Email Configuation

We allow you to reference areas of the order within the email to make it more personalised. Use any of the below variales within the double brackets.

Attribute Variable Notes
Product Name {{product_name}} Email body, Signature, and Subject
Shop Name {{shop_name}} Email body, Signature, and Subject
Customer Email {{customer_email}} Email body


Here you will see a list of all the products used within digital downloads that have come from orders. Click on the order number in the first coloumn to open the order within Shopify Admin.

You are also presented with the customer email for that order, the digital product in question, an emailed status notifying you if the customer receieved the unique link email, and a download status.

The download status will show how many times the user with this unique link has downloaded the file. When the download status becomes red, it means the max limit that you set within the digital download item has been reached and no furture downloads will be possible.

You can also click on the end copy download link icon button to retireve the link for this specific order and customer.

Upgrade / Downgrade

You can freely upgrade or downgrade you current package at any time via you’re dashboard. Upon changing your current plan, you will be requested to confirm the new monthly charge via Shopify.

Cancel / Delete Account

You can delete our app via your Shopify apps page, which in-turn cancels your current package. Please note that this is irreversible and all your assets will be fully removed instantly. All personal data we may hold on you or your shop will also be fully removed and a member of our team will double check this has happened within a 48 hour period from the initial deleting.

Custom Digital Downloads

AnyAsset now gives you the power to upload a custom digital asset for a specific order unique to the customer. This feature is only available on the Business and Extended plans.

Create A Custom Digital Download

Head over to Digital Downloads.

Choose your product and select 'Custom Asset - Not Yet Exists' within the asset select list, and press the create button.

Now when someone orders this product, they will receive a confirmation email letting them know the vendor is creating the product and will supply them with a download link shortly.

Uploading The Custom Asset

Once a customer places an order of the product, a new item will appear in the Digital Downloads > Orders section. You will see the row will have the tag 'Custom' meaning its a custom order.

You will also see the email has not yet been sent with the download link as it doesn’t exist yet. But the custom would have still received an email letting them know your are preparing the asset.

Simply click the tag 'Custom' to open up the custom order.

From here you can simply drag your new custom asset onto the uploader, and once happy press the 'Send Download Email To Customer' button.

This will then send the customer an email containing the link to the newly created and upload asset specifically for them.