Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes you can!
We offer a 5 day free trial when you install the app.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our app runs through the Shopify payment gateway meaning Shopify handles the payment and not us. This is easier to manage and comes from the card associated with your Shopify store.

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by visiting the dashboard section of the app.

Do you have a contract?

No this is a monthly rolling subscription, feel free to cancel at any time.

How can i delete an asset?

At the end of each row in the assets table sits a trash can button. Click this to remove the file and complete the popup confirm. Once this is done the file is fully removed from our system and cannot be reversed.

Can i download one of my uploaded assets?

At the end of each row in the assets table sits a download button. Click this to download the current file.

Can i upload multiple files at once?

Currently we only allow users to upload one file at a time to help keep bandwidth usage and application speed freely available for all our customers.

Whats the maximum file size i can upload?

We only accept files up to 1.5gb in size and below. Please raise a support ticket if you require a custom upload limit.

Whats a unique limit?

If you needed to extend or decrease a limit for a specific order you can do this by heading to Digital Downloads / Orders. From here you can find the order product in question and set a unique limit for it using the end edit pencil icon button.

If the Unquie Limit is set to 'Parent', this means its taking the limit you set from the main asset limit within Assets. Else it will show a number within a green tag. This is a unique limit that has been set for the product. To clear the limit back to the parent value, simple edit this unique limit to 0.

To create a digital download with an unlimited limit, simply leave the Limit input empty, or set it to 0.

How can i delete a digital download?

This is achieved when looking at the digital downloads table, finding the item row in question, and hitting the delete icon at the end. This will prompt you for a confirmation before being removed.

How do i acutally create a digital download?

First select the product you wish to assign an asset too. Then select the asset and add a limit (see below). Now hit the creare button to add your new digital asset.

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